22nd June - Schools out!

It's the end of term - yay! Actually I really like school, so that's not quite true - I'll miss all my performing arts lessons and even some of the others - not the homework though!

"Under Milk Wood" has been going really well and with only 2 more weeks left to run, it's all gone so fast. It's hard because nearly everyone in the cast has been sick with a sore throat (me yesterday!) but we've kept going and the show has had some great reviews. I'm going to miss all the cast soooo much when we finish - they have all been so nice and so much fun. They make me laugh every night and I hope I get to work with all of them again one day in the future! Off to bed now - I have an audition tomorrow and a matinee of Under Milk Wood. Time to get some Zzzzzzzs...

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