5th Feb - Happy New Year

OK - so it was a while ago now but Happy New Year anyway! I'm back at school now, which is actually great as I do 2 hours of acting classes nearly every day. I'm also studying acting at ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) on Saturdays and singing with Divas on Demand who are a fabulous group of classically trained vocalists of all ages who sing anything from opera to Gilbert and Sullivan to jazz and everything in between!

I'm also trying to see as many plays as possible (Bell Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is next!) and I'm still busy writing scripts and composing dance music. Major news though is that I'm off to England at the end of June for a couple of weeks! Can't wait - I have a list of things I want to do like going to the Globe Theatre and seeing 'The Play That Goes Wrong' (my dream acting job!). Just need some work now to pay for it all....

Hope you have a great 2016. Alex X

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