4th December - Doctor Who and panto fun!

Wow - so much happening right now! Rehearsals for Mother Goose are in full swing (see poster to the right) and school is nearly over for another year. I was extremely honoured to win another academic excellence award at presentation night and come top in several subjects. I also recently achieved an A (honours) for my AMEB grade 8 singing - now that was a tough one but I made it - yay!

A definite highlight of last month was the Doctor Who exhibition in Sydney where I got to meet 12th doctor Peter Capaldi and 7th doctor Sylvestor McCoy and find out a little about what goes into making this amazing show. I WILL play the Doctor one day - I have the crazy hair for a start! Hope you like this pic of me with a Dalek.

Off to see Hamlet with Bell Shakespeare tonight and watching the brilliant Divas on Demand on Saturday (and hoping to join them one day!). Love theatre, love opera, love LOVE DOCTOR WHO!

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